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    26 March 2017
Police Frequency Detection for RS6


The owner of the AUDI RS6 requested a system to warn them of approaching emergency vehicles.  B&B Audioconcepts knew exactly the system to recommend, it was the Target Blu Eye and Blinder Laser Diffuser system.


Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in advance of approaching emergency service vehicles. In the UK all the emergency services use Tetra radios and Target Blu Eye will let you know when they are close come day or night. So whilst driving at night, even if the emergency vehicle is not using their lights or sirens, Target Blu will alert you of their presence up to a kilometre radius.


Target Blu Eye uses both visual and audible warnings to let you know what’s out there. Within seconds of an emergency vehicle being in the radius, the signal will be activated and the signal strength meter in your vehicle will give you enough warning allowing you move safely out of the way.


How the smart BLINDER Technology works

  1. When the ignition is turned on, the upstart self-test function (STF) will tell you that the BLINDER is ready.
  2. BLINDER is on standby until a police laser gun hits the car. Now the BLINDER starts to do is job.
  3. The laser warning system (LWS) tells the driver, that a laser gun is operating near him. He may want to slow down.
  4. The IR Detection transmit the incoming police laser pulse frequency to the computer. The correct jamming pulse (APS) is selected.
  5. Because the jamming pulse is transmitted only for a fraction of a second, it has become possible to apply an extremely powerful return jamming pulse signal.
  6. The police laser gun or photo trap cannot measure the speed, and driver can continue without a speeding ticket.

Target Blu Eye and Blinder Laser Diffuser
Police Frequency Detection Target Blu Eye
Blinder IR Detector

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