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    30 May 2017
SVR Ready to go into Worksop




If you're interested in buying a family car, you're probably considering whether or not to spend a little extra and opt for a rear seat entertainment system. After all, they can keep children entertained on car trips, whether you're going across town or across the country.  What do you do if the manufacturer does not offer a factory solution, the answer usually is to go for an aftermarket option. B&B Audioconcepts history of aftermarket installs gives them the experience, skill and knowledge to take on projects like this Range Rover SVR for Rear Seat Entertaintment. This install was more challenging than any other before it, the SVR seats had to be removed from the vehicle and stripped down.  

The B&B Audioconcepts team then analysed the bare seats and took measurements and designed custom brackets the would fit the inside of the SVR seats to hold the Rear HD Screens.  There is naturally some trepidation when you are taking apart sports seats worth 25K but when you have years of experience in this industry you know what you are capable of, especially when you are pushing the limits, you have this vision which allows you to go beyond the norm.  Once the brackets were engineered and fitted, the seats were put back together and fitted back to the Range Rover SVR.  

B&B Audioconcepts then sourced OE style Rear HD Screens to match those by Range Rover and custom flashed the Range Rover logos to the screens. The end result as you can see from the photos looks like a factory fit, which incidentally Range Rover does not offer to SVR clients, so this is another B&B Audioconcepts first.



0-100kph in a mere 4.7 seconds. 550PS and 680Nm from a Supercharged V8 Petrol engine. An 8-speed transmission with super-sharp gear changes to make you feel truly connected to the drive. If you want a high performance luxury SUV with outstanding performance on and off-road, you’ll have to go a long way to beat Range Rover Sport SVR. No other Land Rover is more at home on the Autobahn.



From its darkened headlights, aggressive stance and muscular shoulders to its Bright quad tailpipes and special rear spoiler, everything about Range Rover Sport SVR has been designed to excite.



The switchable Active Sports Exhaust system features a two-stage active exhaust with electronically controlled valves. This delivers a throaty sound that incorporates purposeful modulated pulsing at lighter throttle openings and allows a greater flow through all four exhaust pipes as the valves open with increasing engine speed.



The chassis has been tuned to deliver superior handling, cornering and driving experience. Coupled with a uniquely tuned Dynamic Response system, this ensures Range Rover Sport SVR corners flatter and faster than any other Land Rover.



The 16-way sport powered seats with memory hold you firmly in place. Available in four colourways and made of soft Oxford leather, they feature touches such as SVR embossing on the upper bolster and embody sporting refinement.



Range Rover SVR ready for Rear HD Screens
Range Rover SVR Prior to Installation
SVR Sports Seat Being Dismantled
SVR Sports Seat Being Dismantled
SVR Seat ready for Custom Bracket
Range Rover SVR Rear HD Screen AV Options
SVR Rear Screen with Land Rover Logo
Range Rover SVR Rear Screen TV
Rear HD Screens with Separate AV Source
Range Rover SVR Custom Rear HD Screen Project Complete

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