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    13 June 2017
BMW i8 X-Fire Audio Upgrade



 The BMW i8 with an X-FIRE audio upgrade, this categorically makes this one of the WORLDS FIRST for the BMW i8

 The high-tech BMW i8 is a revelation in the supercar sector, offering staggering performance without the associated high running costs.

The BMW i8 really does redefine what a supercar can be. With looks that are the stuff of a bedroom poster, including ground-hugging proportions and ‘butterfly’ doors, it’s BMW’s most striking car ever. The performance is brutal too, with a 4.4-second 0-62mph sprint, while the handling us up there with the very best sports cars.

But here’s the thing: its official average fuel consumption rating is 134.5mpg, and CO2 is 49g/km. Those near-miraculous numbers come because the i8 is a petrol-electric hybrid, and the culmination of all BMW’s engineering knowhow. It’s not the perfect supercar by any means, but it’s more stunning and more futuristic than anything else close to its price.

The BMW i8 is a real departure from what you think you know about the supercar market. This is a car with pace to rival the best sports cars, and marks an achievement of true innovation in terms of design, performance, and efficiency. In years to come, we may end up looking back on the i8 as the supercar that saved the supercar from extinction.


Now that you know how advanced the BMW i8 you will appreciate that even thinking about modifying the sound system let alone attempting it would naturally be an ambitious project to attempt unless you were the engineer from BMW that worked on the i8.  B&B Audioconcepts are always looking to push the standard higher and attempt such projects that most would leave well alone.  Firstly the B&B Audioconcepts team had to understand how the electronics of the BMW i8 worked and how the current audio system was powered.  This was quite a learning curve as some of the internal componenets and wiring were not the usual ones you would find in your average vehicle.  

Once we had created our own BMW i8 wiring blueprint we were ready to progress the install with dismantling the BMW i8 interior parts where required. The sound components of choice was the X-Fire range, this range took sound to another level. To those who have not heard of X-Fire, you need to book a demo at B&B Audioconcepts and be converted to the new brand on the block. Once all componenets were installed and wired into place, we had the priviledge of none other than Jacco Kaper, the main engineer from X-Fire.  When Jacco had heard B&B Audioconcepts were planning to install X-Fire into the BMW i8, which as he says is one of the worlds first, he knew he had to be at B&B Audioconcepts workshop to see the prestigious moment himself and to be part of the fine tunning for the X-Fire audio upgrade to the BMW i8.

A final unique touch to keep the modifications in line with the BMW i8 design, we added blue LED light to the boot install, the same as it is throughout the dashboard. This really does keep the design lines of the i8 uniform and not look out of place.

Another feature added to the BMW i8 is IN-MOTION, this allows the DVD/TV to carry on playing whilst the car is in motion. B&B Audioconcepts are offering this feature exclusively to the BMW i8, other vehicle makes are also available for IN-MOTION, contact B&B Audioconcepts for further details.

Also dont forget to check out the BMW i8 Professional Photoshoot shot at B&B Audioconcepts. We can arrange for professional photoshoots of your car, contact us to book an appointment.

BMW i8 X-FIRE Audio Upgrade
BMW i8 Under Wraps for X-FIRE Audio Upgrade
Worlds First X-FIRE BMW i8 Audio Upgrade
X-FIRE Subwoofer Setup
X-Fire Subwoofer Custom Cover BMW i8
X-FIRE Subwoofer Install into BMW i8
BMW i8 X-FIRE Subwoofer Installation Complete
X-FIRE Amplifier Wiring for BMW i8
BMW i8 Custom Audio Upgrade with X-FIRE Amplifiers
BMW i8 Custom Blue LED Audio Upgrade
BMW i8 Worlds First X-FIRE Audio Upgrade
BMW i8 Custom Image Hand Drawn

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