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    31 July 2017
Porsche Carrera 4 at B&B Audioconcepts



An advanced 2-channel model incorporating a central processing unit with a built-in 2.7’’ display and 2 remote-mounted ultra-compact Full HD video cameras. Gazer F225 features extended functionality that includes LDWS+FCWS intelligent security systems, driver alert system, parking mode, DEWARP function, Time-lapse, and state-of-the-art Speedcam proximity warning system (POI, cameras, radars, hazardous road sections). It is the most functional and powerful DVR in Gazer model range – an ideal solution for demanding applications and special security and in-car video recording tasks.


The owner of this Porsche Carrer 4 wanted a front and rear camera security system as well as a dash camera system.  B&B Audioconcepts sourced and fitted this Professional Surveillance Security System and both cameras feature HD recording in time lapse mode if required.



Gazer F225 2-channel DVR is Gazer's yet another innovative device that combines the functions of a car DVR and a driving safety system. This is an indispensable device for security and video recording applications that meets the highest requirements for functionality and ease of installation in a car.

The model consists of a central processing unit with a built-in 2.7’’ display and 2 remote-mounted ultra-compact Full HD video cameras. The second video camera allows capturing what happens inside or behind the car. Video feed from each camera is recorded as a separate channel, while the support of various display modes enables viewing either each channel separately or combined video feed from 2 cameras simultaneously.

The DVR operates in unattended mode: it automatically switches to the recording mode when the engine starts, while the loop overwriting function ensures continuous and uninterrupted recording. Once the engine is turned off, the DVR stops operating and resumes recording only when the motion sensor is tripped.


>> 2-channel Full HD recording (each channel separately)
>> Multipurpose ultra-compact video cameras with 160° viewing angle
>> G-sensor with adjustable sensitivity
>> Multifunctional remote control button (emergency recording, microphone deactivation, status indicator, DVR shutdown)
>> Parking mode (automatic motion sensor activated recording in a parked car)
>> LDWS+FCWS, DEWARP intelligent functions
>> Driver alert and headlight reminder functions
>> Optional GPS module Gazer ACG225 support and Speedcam proximity warning function
>> Up to 128 GB micro SDXC memory cards support


Gazer Dual Dash Cam Professional Surveillance
Preparing for Dual Dash Caamera Install
Porsche Front HD Dash Camera
Front HD Dash Camera
Rear HD Dual Dash Camera
Porsche Rear HD Dual Cam Surveillance
Dual Dash Cam Channel Processing Unit
Porsche Carrera 4 at B&B Audioconcepts
Porsche Carrera 4 at B&B Audioconcepts

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