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    15 January 2018
BMW i8 Custom Wheels

BMW i8 on 6Sixty Design Forged Wheels

B&B Audioconcepts showcase their BMW i8 joint venture with 6Sixty to showcase Custom Wheels better than OEM setup. 

6Sixty is a brand created by professionals. Professionals with enthusiasm, passion, attention to detail and the drive to build exceptional products.

Our attention to detail is second to none. From customer requirements, through the build process to the customer service. We strive to excel.

The design and fitment is of key importance. We do not just build wheels slap dash to fit vehicles any old how. We build to a specification that is defined by customer requirements, vehicle specifics and a set goal.
Quality is of key importance and therefore manufactured with in an ISO certified facility.

A build for an i8 requires focus and understanding. To build a wheel that does not just enhance the asthetics of the car, but a wheel that actually improves the car.

The 6Sixty Emblem build for this particular i8 was about improving on the OEM setup.

Not to affect in any adverse way the ride of the vehicle for the driver
Not to affect the drive of the car in any adverse manner
To save weight
To use the OEM desired tyres as recommended by BMW
Not to affect the drag of the car

With feedback from BMW technicians and B&B Audioconcepts we were able to meet all the above and exceed expectation.

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BMW i8 Original OEM Wheels
BMW i8 Custom Wheels Ready
BMw i8 Custom Forged Wheels
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BMW i8 Custom 6Sixty Wheels
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BMW i8 Factory OEM Offset
BMW i8 Custom Wheels Test Run
BMW i8 Custtom Forged OEM Offset Liquid Blue Wheels

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