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    27 March 2018
VW Audio Upgrade at B&B Audioconcepts


The Volkswagen Amarok had a makeover in late 2016 but, rather than undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery, VW’s one-tonne pick-up contender opted for a course of steroids instead. The old model’s relatively puny 2.0 TDI engine was junked and dealers now offer the Amarok for sale with a meaty 3.0 V6 TDI, which means it boasts the most powerful engine in its class.

The latest Amarok comes with a choice of 201bhp and 221bhp versions of the new engine, which is a very close relative of the engine fitted to VW’s Touareg SUV. The Amarok also offers the choice of an 8-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox, both with permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive with a self-locking Torsen centre differential to ensure terrific off-road ability.

VW Amarok booked in for an Audio Upgrade at B&B Audioconcepts: 

>> X-fire processor 
>> X-Fire amp
>> X-fire reference speakers 
>> X-Fire rear speakers 
>> Rainbow 10” subwoofer 
>> Skinz soundproofing 
>> Connection cables 



Sleek, Stylish, Aggressive! The result of XFIRE AUDIO’s commitment to design and build sleek, elegant, yet seriously powerful amplifiers able to fit into any audio application with ease. With their stunning cosmetic design, LED backlit XFIRE logo combined with outstanding technologies like Full Range Class D we’ve raised the bar on audio amplification and done it with style. EFX Series Amplifiers are sleek and modern but don’t be fooled by their sophisticated allure, these powerhouses crank out a deadly punch in knockout fashion. No filler, 100% killer.


>> Full Range Class-D topology design.
>> Sonic sculpting contours.
>> LP/HP crossovers.
>> 2CH/4CH input selection.
>> Design your soundstage.
>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminum chassis.
>> “Direct Device Mount” component pc boards assuring the ultimate in quality and performance.
>> Tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note.
>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits.



All the controls at you finger tips with the DSP PRO Digital Sound Processor. Create your Ultimate Car Audio system with the userfriendly iPad app or with the same userfriendly PC Software. 

6 IN and 8 OUT DSP, choose High Level inputs (with auto sensing and remote output) or RCA inputs with AUX or Optical as secondary input.

DSP PRO is the ultimate integration tool to connect your aftermarket system to the original system of the car. 
Aftermarket or OEM integrated system the DSP PRO will be the control center, the heart of any car audio system.

Make the difference, stand out from the crowd, XFR DSP PRO will take each car audio system to the next level.


>> Dual DSP design digital sound processor.
>> 6 Channel input and 8 Channel RCA output.
>> Butterworth or Linkwitz Riley crossover types selectable per Output with upto 48dB/Octave slopes.
>> 31 band EQ for each output channel, Graphic or Parametric EQ selectable per output channel.
>> Maximum adjustable time alignment delay 25ms per output channel.
>> High Level, RCA, AUX and Optical input options.
>> Software package includes iPad and PC tuning software and iPhone and Android remote control software.
>> English operating software Configuration Wizard for fast and easy setup.
>> Auto sense option with Remote out when used with High Level inputs.
>> High current Remote output with 0 - 10 Seconds turn On time delay.
>> Independant channel parameter setup.

Rainbow 8" Sub

This ultra-thin sub and amplifier package is perfect for under-seat mounting. The rigid die-cast aluminium enclosure keeps the product safe in the car's hostile environment while the 8inch dual voice coil woofer driven by a 100 Watt integrated amplifier provides plenty of bottom end. A wired remote level control is provided for those moments when enough bass just isn't enough bass! 


Contact B&B Audioconcepts on 029 2070 7275

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