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    30 June 2018
BMW 4 Series at Audioconcepts for Audio Upgrade

XFire BMW 3 Way Audio Upgrade 


Understanding the Basics of Speaker Drivers

To avoid any confusion let’s go over a couple of basic points regarding car audio speakers. These basics are also applicable to regular speakers. You will hear a lot about speaker drivers in the next few paragraphs. When you open a speaker box or enclosure, you will see one or two different cone-shaped round parts (or even ribbons or domes, in some cases). These are the drivers. They vibrate when sound is produced.

Sounds have various ranges of frequencies, from low to high. Different sized drivers are equipped to handle different ranges of frequencies. The human ear can handle frequencies between 20Hz and 20,000Hz. There is no one driver capable of handling that full range. So speakers usually have more than one driver, to better produce different ranges of sound.

The three main types of drivers are woofers for low frequency or bass (below 200Hz), tweeters for high frequency or treble (above 2,000Hz), and a mid-range driver for everything in between (200Hz – 2000Hz). And the system uses a device called a “crossover” to split the original sound signal into two or three different signals of different frequencies to feed the various drivers.

2-Way vs. 3-Way Speaker Upgrades

This is just a simple, general method of distinguishing between different car speaker systems, based on the number of drivers they have. When a speaker system has more than one driver, the input sound signals have to be split into the different frequencies that they specialize in. The low-frequency sound signals are sent the way of the woofer, and the high frequencies are pushed to the tweeter.

So a two-way speaker has the sound signals split two ways, while in a three-way speaker they are divided in three ways. This is a very simple and easy way of classifying different kinds of speaker designs. You can have a single speaker box with two or three drivers (a coaxial/full range design), or a speaker system made up of multiple drivers in individual boxes (components system design).

A 2-way component car audio system will have a set of woofers and set of tweeters, in separate boxes. You can have multiple pairs or tweeters and woofers, but the system remains a 2-way system.

The addition of external crossovers adds to the overall quality of component systems, and 3-way systems really benefit more than 2-way in this format. The mid-range becomes more accurate, and the ability to better position individual tweeters and woofers really create a different sonic experience.

When done right, and using high-quality components, a 3-way system is generally better than a 2-way speaker system regarding overall audio quality and fidelity in component systems.

Audioconcepts Recommends

Bmw 4 series cab in for: 
>>> Full X-Fire 3 way audio upgrade with extra amp
>>> Full soundproofing
>>> We coded usb video in this car , this car had usb audio, but no video, we also added video in motion
>>> We also added one touch roof closure


BMW XFIRE Audio Upgrades

XFire BMW 42S Speaker Upgrades are specially developed for BMW and are 100% custom. BMW standard audio system vary from ‘Base’ delivered without tweeters and woofers are small Or ‘Hifi’ with tweeters but with small woofers. The result is dull noise and reduced dynamics. The lack of clarity and volume is to most the disappointment you would expect with a premium car brand.

XFire BMW 42S Speaker Upgrade is made as a factory replacement, but without any compromises. Only the finest materials are chosen to ensure a true enhancement of your audio experience. Whereas the standard system will use common materials in midranges such as ferrite motors, XFire opted for neodymium.

Neodymium is a lightweight design, yet costly, but more powerful than standard magnets. One of the benefits, besides less weight, is also the increased performance in both audio reproduction and sensitivity. In addition we increased the thermal capacity of the speaker by using a vented pole, this will minimize both distortion and impedance rise, that way you are sure you won’t have as much loss of power sent from your factory amplifier system.


BMW Convertible – Remote Roof Open Module

A great product that allows you to remotely open and close your BMW Soft-Top / Hard-Top Convertible from your factory BMW key remote.

Top Features:

>>> One Touch – Allows you to simply press your in-car roof button once to allow the roof to open or shut rather than a long push or hold.
>>> Remote Roof – Allows you to remotely open or close your roof without being in the car.
>>> Remote Windows – Open or close just your windows remotely.
>>> Speed – Allows you to open or close your roof whilst your vehicle is moving up to 34mph / 55kph.
>>> Window Comfort – Briefly tapping the window switch will allow or your windows to open and close at the same time
>>> Auto Unlock – Allows your vehicle doors to unlock as soon as the key is removed
>>> Automatic Mirrors – If you have folding mirrors is will allow your mirrors to fold / unfold (Please Note: This feature is fully dependent on your vehicle allowing this to happen. On some vehicles it will work and some it won’t, this is down to the car and not the module. This is primarily sold as a Roof Module)


Watch Customer Video Review

New Audio Upgrade Components at Audioconcepts
XFire Hardware Being Installed
BMW USB Video In Action at Audioconcepts
BMW Video In Motion at Audioconcepts
BMW 4 Series after One Touch Roof Closure Installation at Audioconcepts

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