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    10 November 2018
VW Amarok at B&B Audioconcepts

VW Amarok Kenwood 8 Series - Front Gazer CCTV Camera - Rear Gazer CCTV Camera - HDMI Freeview TV Unit - Autowatch Ghost Security


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The owner of this 4x4 VW Amarok popped into B&B Audioconcepts to discuss some upgrades and possibility of certain features.  The Audioconcepts sales team put forward all possibilities and demonstrated certain products. The customer then decided on the following upgrades:

>>> Kenwood 8 series 7 Inch Touchscreen Navigation Unit
>>> VW T5 steering controls converted to Amrock software / Coded heating display & Centre clocks display 
>>> VW factory camera adapted with after market headunit thanks to Nav TV
>>> Installed front camera
>>> Installed Front and Rear Gazer F225 cctv cameras
>>> CKO Hdmi Freeview TV Unit
>>> Autowatch Ghost Secuirty 


Kenwood DNX8180DABS

KENWOOD Navigation/ AV-Receivers provide an ideal in-car experience by Smart Driving with Advanced Navigation Features and being compatible with a wide range of media file formats, enhanced sound quality control thanks to the built-in 13-band graphic equalizer, digital sound processor, and digital time alignment, and advanced connections like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Additional the DNX8180DABS also comes with Android Auto - designed with safety in mind, helping you to minimise distractions and stay focused on the road. The DNX8170DABS combines Android Auto’s intuitive voice-controlled interface, a large 7” touchscreen and superior sound quality. Making it the perfect complement for your in-car life.

The DNX8180DABS comes with Apple's CarPlay which is the smart and safe in-vehicle interface to operate your iPhone, and the experience is taken to another level. Simply talk to Siri, or touch the receiver’s display and get directions from Apple Maps, make phone calls, listen to voicemail, send and receive texts, and listen to music all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

The double DIN car radio Kenwood DNX8180DABS ensures every journey on a varied program. With crystal-clear radio reception by digital radio DAB + and by an almost limitless variety of media. The all-rounder accepts almost any external media and mass storage, such as CD, DVD or USB stick, SD card, iPod, iPhone or via AV input docked additional sources.


Gazer F225

An advanced 2-channel model incorporating a central processing unit with a built-in 2.7’’ display and 2 remote-mounted ultra-compact Full HD video cameras. Gazer F225 features extended functionality that includes LDWS+FCWS intelligent security systems, driver alert system, parking mode, DEWARP function and state-of-the-art Speedcam proximity warning system (POI, cameras, radars, hazardous road sections). It is the most functional and powerful DVR in Gazer model range – an ideal solution for demanding applications and special security and in-car video recording tasks. 

Gazer F225 2-channel DVR is Gazer's yet another innovative device that combines the functions of a car DVR and a driving safety system. This is an indispensable device for security and video recording applications that meets the highest requirements for functionality and ease of installation in a car.

The model consists of a central processing unit with a built-in 2.7’’ display and 2 remote-mounted ultra-compact Full HD video cameras. The second video camera allows capturing what happens inside or behind the car. Video feed from each camera is recorded as a separate channel, while the support of various display modes enables viewing either each channel separately or combined video feed from 2 cameras simultaneously.

The DVR operates in unattended mode: it automatically switches to the recording mode when the engine starts, while the loop overwriting function ensures continuous and uninterrupted recording. Once the engine is turned off, the DVR stops operating and resumes recording only when the motion sensor is tripped.


Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

To steal these vehicles thieves are using methods including car jacking, key boosting, RF cloning, key cloning and key theft by way of burglary. None of which are pleasant for the owners. Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser installed to your vehicle will prevent the theft by any of these means.

The Autowatch Ghost is a genuine industry first product, revolutionising the way modern vehicles can be immobilised. B&B Audioconcepts are one of the leading and approved Autowatch Ghost installers in Wales. The primary use of the Autowatch Ghost is to prevent the theft of your vehicle using the original vehicle key or worse still a cloned vehicle key.

It has been well documented over the past 18 months that vehicle manufacturers using electronic key less go systems have been prone to theft by way of key cloning. Thieves use sophisticated equipment to gain entry to these vehicles without causing any damage then programme a blank key into the vehicles ECU allowing them to start the vehicle and drive it away.

Vehicle makes prone to this kind of theft are: 

Audi / BMW / Ford / Nissan / Toyota / Mitsubishi / Kia / Land Rover / Jaguar / Range Rover / Porsche / Mercedes / VW
The Autowatch Ghost product is so small it is hidden in your vehicle and once there is easily concealed and completely invisible. On entering your vehicle you are required to enter a user defined pin number to disarm the Autowatch Ghost system and allow you to start your vehicle, this is done by using various buttons on your dashboard in a particular sequence. Without knowing this unique code the vehicle simply will not start.

Benefits of the Autowatch Ghost system:

Engine Start Blocking
Undetectable using diagnostics
No Radio Frequency Signals
Silent Opertaion
Prevents Key Cloning and ECU Swapping
Tested to destruction for each supported vehicle
Valet and Service Mode enabled
Emergency PIN override
Use the vehicles buttons to enter your PIN code

**Please note the latest version of the Autowatch Ghost now benefits from encrypted bluetooth technology for operation via Smartphone App. This new app erases the need for PIN code entry via buttons and instead uses the encrypted bluetooth connection to automatically deactivate the Ghost. Of course, should your phone be unavailable then the PIN code can always be entered via the dash buttons instead.


CKO Hdmi Freeview TV Unit

Freeview TV Tuner with HDMI input & Output Digital TV tuner Support for HD channels in the UK and Europe PAL/NTSC video system 3 video outputs (2x RCA, 1x HDMI) 2 audio outputs (1x RCA, 1x HDMI) 3 video inputs (2x RCA, 1x HDMI) 2 audio inputs (1x RCA, 1x HDMI) HDMI input to support mirror link for Android and IOS devices only Supports USB up to 2TB Additional USB port for 5v charging Can record TV to an external HDD Reverse camera input support with trigger Monitor input for device control on Sony, Kenwood or JVC head units Power: 12/24V DC Dimension: 185 x 130 x 30mm Supports AFS (auto frequency switch) Phantom feeds antennas with 5V

VW Amarok Heater Controls Integrated into New Kenwood Display
VW Centre Clock Display Recoded
HDMI FreeView TV Upgrade at Audioconcepts
Kenwood 7 Inch Screen Apple CarPlay for VW Amarok
VW Reverse Camera View by Audioconcepts
Gazer CCTV Camera in VW Amarok by Audioconcepts
Gazer CCTV Camera Control Unit by Audioconcepts
Autowatch Ghost Security fitted by Audioconcepts in Cardiff
B&B Audioconcepts Trusted Installation Specialists in Cardiff

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