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    8 October 2019
Xtreme Off Roader at B&B Audioconcepts in Cardiff

Polaris RZR Speaker Upgrade - Power Sports SoundBar - Viper Immobiliser - SmarTrack GPS Tracker - Engine Tuning - Full Matt Black Vehicle Wrap


Who are B&B Audioconcepts

So we are B&B (BIG BASS) Audioconcepts, we are specialists in Vehicle Customising, Vehicle Modifying and Vehicle Upgrading anything that moves, whether on land or sea. We are accredited with our Car Audio Industry's top affiliations, and you can be confident that your vehicle is in the best possible hands. B&B Audioconcepts has a professional team of staff who are highly experienced in carrying out Car Audio and Car Security installations for all types of vehicles. Each member is highly skilled in carrying out the Installation Services we offer to a very high standard to ensure that each customer gets the best out of their new installation(s). B&B Audioconcepts offer full vehicle customisation from, Vehicle Wrapping, Engine Tuning, Window Tinting, Bodykit Fitting, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. Get in touch for mote details to see how we can take your vehicle to the next level.


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This Xtreme Off Roader by Polaris came rip roaring in for some serious enhancements. The B&B Audioconcepts Team started with the  Sound System Upgrade using Power Sports Sound Bar. The team had to ensure they fitted a robust Sound Bar to not only enhance the Speaker System but to ensure the Power Sports Sound Bar could withstand the activity of this Xtreme Polaris RZR Off Roader.

The team improved the security of this Polaris Off Roader with a Viper Immobiliser and topped it off with a GPS Vehicle Tracker.  Viper is Thatcham evaluated and is one of the most trusted names in Vehicle Security. The added peace of mind with a GPS Tracker means you will see your car live via the web with great photo mapping. You can also Geo-fence it, when it moves you will be alerted.

This already Xtreme Off Roader also underwent Engine Tuning with a REMAP to increase its already crazy performance. Full rolling road performed to ensure accurate performance is recorded before and after the Engine REMAP.  Finally the Polaris RZR was topped off with a full Matt Black Wrap to give it a fresh military look to add to its Xtreme performance.


Polaris RZR Sound System Upgrade

This Soundbar was developed for the growing power sports market where electronics must withstand harsh environments and is perfect for the Off Road world. The Power Sports Soundbar is a great way to enjoy your favourite music when you are on the trails bashing in the mud or sand.

The Soundbar circuit board has been coated with a layer of transparent material that protects the parts against moisture, dust and temperature extremes.


Polaris RZR Sound System Features:

>>> 12 Speaker 500 watt Amplified Bluetooth Powersports Soundbar
>>> IPX6 Rated
>>> 6 x 3.5" Square Poly Cone Woofers
>>> 2 x 3” Full Range Marine Grade Poly Cone Speakers
>>> 4 x 1” SD Mylar Tweeters
>>> Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Water Tight Housing
>>> LED back-lit Control Panel
>>> LED Visual Notifications
>>> Audible Power On/Off Notifications
>>> Built In DSP Processor w/Distortion Limiter
>>> Bluetooth and Wired Inputs
>>> 2 Volt Line Output
>>> Auto Turn On/Off Circuit
>>> Waterproof Wire Loom Connectors
>>> Universal L-Bracket Mounting System Included
>>> Universal Top or Bottom Mount Clamp Style Brackets (Sold Separately XL-SBCLAMP, XL-SBTCLAMP, XL-SBSCLAMP)
>>> Secondary Dash Mountable Controller Pad (Sold Separately XL-SBCON)


Vehicle Security - Viper Immobiliser

>>> 3 Independent Immobilisation circuits
>>> A pair of Viper Touch-keys
>>> Limited Lifetime Warranty
>>> Automatic arming
>>> 4 digit PIN code emergency override
>>> One-piece Touch-key Receptacle / LED assembly
>>> Non-volatile memory  

Contact B&B Audioconcepts for further information.


SmarTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking

Monitoring your Car has never been so easy, you can log on...at your home or office and see your car live via the web with great photo mapping. You can also Geo-fence it, when it moves you will be alerted to the fact!

SmarTrack can also monitor your Car if you wish with its Secure Control Centre, it operates 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. SmarTrack has highly trained and experienced Staff who will call you in the event of a movement alert, battery disconnect and generate a low battery text via its server to your mobile phone...Now that's SmarT.

If it gets stolen, SmarTrack's response time is second to none and will endeavour to retrieve your Car with the Police in the least possible time.

These systems can be set up to show 1 minute positions while driving, showing speed, start and stop times etc. This is ideal if you want to track a fleet of cars or may be a Learner Driving Training School.

Contact B&B Audioconcepts for further information.


Polaris RZR Matt Black Car Wrap

The matt black car wrap is becoming more popular, with people choosing to wrap all types of cars in matt black. There have been a number of new cars on the market in this colour over the last few years and they undeniably command a certain amount of attention.

If you are looking for a matt black wrap for your current vehicle then we offer a great non-permanent solution. This stealth look works on all makes and models of cars, everything from larger 4x4s to compact minis.

A matt black car wrap is a stylish way to update the appearance of your car, while protecting the paintwork underneath from scratches and abrasions. This keeps your car in pristine condition for as long as the car wrap covers it. When the wrap comes off, the paintwork will be as perfect as it was when it went on.

B&B Audioconcepts in conjunction with Cardiff Tints can apply car wraps as individual vinyl panels; this means you don’t need to get your car re-sprayed to achieve the matt black look. A re-spray might mean you’d be without your car for a while and you’d be left with a very permanent colour change. With a car wrap, once you’re bored of it – or the trend has passed – your car can easily be restored back to its original colour.

Contact B&B Audioconcepts for a FREE quote on Car Wraps


Polaris RZR in B&B Audioconcepts Workshop
Polaris RZR Full Matt Black Wrap at B&B Audioconcepts
Polaris RZR Full Matt Black Wrap at B&B Audioconcepts
Polaris RZR in Workshop ready for Soundbar Install by B&B Audioconcepts Team
Polaris RZR Soundbar Sound Upgrade at B&B Audioconcepts
Polaris RZR Soundbar Sound Upgrade at B&B Audioconcepts
Polaris RZR Soundbar Sound Upgrade at B&B Audioconcepts
Polaris RZR on Rolling Road being Prepped for Engine Remap

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