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    27 December 2020
Mercedes in for Full Custom Interior at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff

Full Car Interior Customisation - Luxury Interior Design - Bentley Diamond Stitching - Purple Seat Belts - Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner | B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


Mercedes Custom Luxury Interior

B&B Audioconcepts took on one of their biggest projects with this Mercedes. The owner loves their car but is unsatisfied with the tired looking interior and has decided to go for a more of a lets say luxurious feel. As the customer put it, the interior was to look like a Maybach but the exterior needed to remain ordinary. So from the outside it looks like an ordinary Mercedes but once you step in your jaw drops a mile. To top it off a loud sound system was also on the menu. 

The interior was beige and tired looking, this was all removed completely, actually the whole interior of the car was removed, only the wiring and metal left exposed. A brand new custom designed black leather interior with purple stitching was commissioned, with Bentley diamond stitching detail added to the seats and the door cards. All the interior panels were finished in purple with purple LED lighting effects added. Seat belts were also finished in purple, B&B Audioconcepts can customise your seat belt colour to any colour of your choice.

The headliner was finished in alcantara along with the pillars of the Mercedes. Rolls Royce Starlight was added to the headliner and looks incredible, now you can adjust the ambience to suit your mood.

The Mercedes was finished of with a full XFIRE audio upgrade.


Mercedes Custom Luxury Interior Features:

Bentley Diamond Stitch on all Leather Interior 
Purple Seat Belts to match new interior
Purple Panels - Door and Dashboard Trim
Purple LED Lighting
Purple Stitching on all black door cards and Seats
Purple Diamonds
Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner
Alcantara roof
Alcantara pillars
M.O.S.T. Audio Output for Mercedes NTG5
Xfire mono amplifier
Xfire amplifier
2 x Xfire 12” subwoofers
2 x Xfire components


M.O.S.T. Audio Output for Mercedes NTG5

The ZEN-M processor seamlessly converts late model Mercedes factory MOST-150 audio bus to 12-channel analog RCA and TOSLink output. Adding aftermarket amplifiers to the OE NTG5, 5.1, 5.2 or 5.5 system has never been so simple and seamless. This kit integrates with the OEM M.O.S.T.® bus to retain volume control, full fade and balance (analog only), treble, mid-range, bass control & Bluetooth voice calls with no external speaker (true OEM integration).


Mercedes Xfire XFR Speakers

XFR Signature Series Components redefine the boundaries of sonic euphoria with lush, crystal clear image and dynamics the way music was intended to be heard. XFRS Series Components garner exquisite definition and detail.



Specially formulated carbon-paper composite cones coupled with ASV voice coils
Shallow mount 3” midrange with PB chassis and conical wave guide
25mm inverted dome aluminum tweeters matched with external crossovers
Neodimium motor structures
Butyl rubber surrounds


Mercedes XFIRE Amplifier

At its core the E Series amplifiers are built with our signature CRD footprint utilizing every aspect of the SMT-PCB’s creating a significantly smaller amplifier that produces amazing sound and superior performance compared to amplifiers twice their size.
Our Full Range Class D architecture gets a performance boost with our New Suspended Air-Core Heat sink. This new heat sink offers 360 degrees of constant cooling directivity. A radical new approach of advanced cooling compared to conventional formats.
The E-Series amplifiers incorporate future proof technologies like Stop/Start ready, that allow the amplifier to remain powered during the Stop/Start cycle at low voltages without damaging the amplifier.
Loaded with a fully backlit XFIRE logo and a complement of crossover and channel configurations coupled with exceptional signal to noise ratios the E-Series amplifiers stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


XFIRE Amplifier Features :-

>> Ultra efficient 4-channel fullrange Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
>> Extensive customization controls like HP/LP/BP crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
>> “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
>> Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits


XFIRE - Mono Amplifier for Mercedes

Sleek, Stylish, Aggressive! The result of XFIRE AUDIO’s commitment to design and build sleek, elegant, yet seriously powerful amplifiers able to fit into any audio application with ease. With their stunning cosmetic design, LED backlit XFIRE logo combined with outstanding technologies like Full Range Class D we’ve raised the bar on audio amplification and done it with style. EFX Series Amplifiers are sleek and modern but don’t be fooled by their sophisticated allure, these powerhouses crank out a deadly punch in knockout fashion.


XFIRE - Mono Amplifier Features:

>>> Class-D topology design.
>>> Sonic sculpting contours.
>>> LP crossover.
>>> Switchable subsonic filter.
>>> Bass boost.
>>> Design your soundstage.
>>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminum chassis.
>>> “Direct Device Mount” component pc boards assuring the ultimate in quality and performance.
>>> Tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note.
>>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits.
>>> XFIRE EFX-K1 bass remote included.


Mercedes ready for Custom Interior and Audio Upgrades at B&B Audioconcepts Workshop
Tired old Mercedes beige interior ready for makeover at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Mercedes old interior removed and ready for new Interior at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Custom Purple Door panels and Dash trim ready for Mercedes at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Rolls Royce Starlight being prepped for Custom Mercedes Interior at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Bentley Diamond Stitched Leather door cards in Purple stitching at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Purple seat belts fitted and Bentley Diamond stitched black leather seats at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner looking amazing in Mercedes at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Mercedes Interior transformed to a Luxurious Interior by B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff

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