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    13 January 2021
Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts for some NEW Toys

XFIRE Audio - Hertz Speakers - 11.5 Inch Wifi Touch Screens - Apple Carplay | Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts for some new Technology

Hertz ref Mille Speakers
XFIRE Amplifier
XFIRE Subwoofer
Skinz Soundproofing
Connection Cables
2x 11.5” WiFi Touch Screens with Netflix
Coded to Audi Displays
Audio via auxiliary
Apple Carplay Activated


Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO

The MPK 165.3 car audio speakers system has been designed to ensure a wide low frequency response, even in cars with no space for a subwoofer. Thanks to the V-cone® and Boundary Free Surround technologies the MP 165.3 woofer boast outstanding dispersion features and generates high SPL with compact dimensions. The dedicated crossover MPCX 2.3 has been designed to exploit the wide extension of the MP 165.3 woofers , ensuring a natural transition towards the MP 25.3 tweeter, for maximum natural acoustic emission. The 1mm low parasitic resistance copper filter coil of the woofer maximizes its efficiency. The MPCX 2.3 crossover features tweeter level (0/+2 dB) to calibrate the MP 25.3 acoustic emission level comparing it to the woofer one.


Audi Q7 XFIRE Amplifier

At its core the E Series amplifiers are built with our signature CRD footprint utilizing every aspect of the SMT-PCB’s creating a significantly smaller amplifier that produces amazing sound and superior performance compared to amplifiers twice their size.
Our Full Range Class D architecture gets a performance boost with our New Suspended Air-Core Heat sink. This new heat sink offers 360 degrees of constant cooling directivity. A radical new approach of advanced cooling compared to conventional formats.
The E-Series amplifiers incorporate future proof technologies like Stop/Start ready, that allow the amplifier to remain powered during the Stop/Start cycle at low voltages without damaging the amplifier.
Loaded with a fully backlit XFIRE logo and a complement of crossover and channel configurations coupled with exceptional signal to noise ratios the E-Series amplifiers stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


XFIRE Amplifier Features :-

>> Ultra efficient 4-channel fullrange Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
>> Extensive customization controls like HP/LP/BP crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
>> “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
>> Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits



E-Series Bass enclosures, stylish black. From loud and unforgiving to detailed musical bass. Take your first step into the world of magnificent bass without breaking the bank and easy installation.


XFIRE Subwoofer Features :-

>> 1×65” (300x290x150mm) Vented Enclosure 4Ω 500 RMS
>> 1500W Power
>> XFIRE “X-Bass” slotport design.
>> Four layer 2” copper voice coils.
>> Heavy duty cotton spider suspensions.
>> Ferrite motor structures.
>> XFIRE “Secure Seal” gaskets.


Audi Q7 11.5" Rear Entertainment Screens

The scheme is created based on 64 bit RockChip3368 Android 9.0 chip, Cortex A53 1.8GHz Octa-core CPU, Android 9.0 operating system, which supports
Android Mobile Phones and iPhone Wireless Miracast/Airplay, built-in 2GB DDR4 and 16GB memory. It processes powerful multimedia audio and video processing capabilities, supports 4K ultra high definition video playback, built-in graphic processing unit, and capacitive touch screen. The scheme uses high-performance Wi-Fi. Core board external interface has USB, TF, HDMI and earphone, with strong extensibility and a slim design, which is able to meet the demands of various car systems.


Android Rear Screens Special Features

>>> Various signal interfaces, no external chip expansion required Support HDMI, Video input, TF card, USB.

>>> Built-in quality image processing engine MACE-PRO4 image processing engine can eliminate noise from TV or network video, remove the loss of details and color in video signal transmission, thus improve picture quality, recover all the content details and restore natural and detailed image of the world.

>>>  Super multimedia processing capability, support max 4K.H 265 video

>>> Support mobile phone wireless Miracast Support Android Miracast, iphone Airplay wireless Miracast


Skinz Sound Deadening for Audi Q7

Good car audio begins with properly treated doors and panels. Flexing metal panels and expanses of plastic cause a myriad of issues with car sound from bass cancelling road noise to annoying shakes rattles and vibrations. A flexing metal panel can effective sap the energy away from your speakers by creating inter-cancellation at the rear of your speaker while other surfaces can produce unwanted nasty resonances which colour the sound. Our sound deadening and panel lining products go as far as possible in eradicating these products while our wave diffuser will absorb the sound issuing from the rear of your speakers to prevent that sound reflecting back into the speakers. The importance of sound treatment such as the Skinz range should never be underestimated.


Connection Cables for Audi Q7 Audio Upgrade

Hanging electronic equipment together is a sophisticated science in itself. Connection was introduced by Audison in the early 200's and consists of ranges of products for wiring power to amplifiers, amplifiers to speakers and head units to amplifiers. Cables and interconnects are available in three different grades depending on how discerning the listener and their choice of equipment is. Just as you wouldn't run your Ferrari on Gin you wouldn't connect your Audison Voce speakers to a Voce amplifier with bell wire. Aside from the quality requirement, when dealing with the extreme current capabilities of large amplifiers to use inferior power wiring could prove extremely dangerous.


Who are B&B Audioconcepts?

So we are B&B (BIG BASS) Audioconcepts, we are specialists in Vehicle Customising, Vehicle Modifying and Vehicle Upgrading anything that moves, whether on land or sea. We are accredited with our Car Audio Industry's top affiliations, and you can be confident that your vehicle is in the best possible hands. B&B Audioconcepts has a professional team of staff who are highly experienced in carrying out Car Audio and Car Security installations for all types of vehicles. Each member is highly skilled in carrying out the Installation Services we offer to a very high standard to ensure that each customer gets the best out of their new installation(s). B&B Audioconcepts offer full vehicle customisation from, Vehicle Wrapping, Engine Tuning, Window Tinting, Bodykit Fitting, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. Get in touch for more details to see how we can take your vehicle / motorbike / boat / yacht to the next level.  

Audi Q7 in B&B Audioconcepts workshop ready for new upgrades
XFIRE Amplifier installed in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
XFIRE Subwoofer installed in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Apple Carplay activated in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Custom Audi Logo on 11.5 Inch Touch Screens at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Video streaming on 11.5 Inch rear screens in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Rear 11.5 inch Touch Screens with neon glow in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Netflix on 11.5 inch rear touch screens in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff
Full Android menu system on rear Touch Screens in Audi Q7 at B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff

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