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    12 February 2021

Meta Trak S5 Deadlock Immobilises and Tracks - Secure against RELAY ATTACK and KEY CLONING | B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


Best McLaren Security System for your Supercar


What is Relay Attack? Without ever entering your home, or touching the car’s key, thieves are able to open and start your vehicle and drive it away in just seconds. Two trasmitters or ‘relay’ boxes are used by the thieves; one is held close to your car and the other near to where you keep your key. This way, the signal produced by your key is lengthened, fooling the car into thinking the key is actually present.



Developed in response to the staggering increase in vehicle thefts, particularly by the relay attack method, Meta Trak S5 Deadlock immobilises and tracks. It is the most comprehensive vehicle security and connectivity system on the market.


Meta Trak S5 Deadlock

The Meta Deadlock is more than your normal tracking system, it uses the ADR tag to turn off / disarm the immobilser. So for example rather than having 2 different devices such as a tracker then having another immobiliser system installed the Meta system offers both these things in one product. The Metatrak Deadlock is a full anti clone and anti scan immobiliser and tracking system all built into one. When your walking up to the vehicle the immobiliser module and the Metatrak tracking module is looking for the ADR tag to come into the vehicles interior range. If no Tag is detected and the ignition is turned on the tracker will trigger an alert to the Meta head office and in turn they will phone you why the vehicles ignition has been turned on without a tag present ( attempted theft ). The vehicle will also remain immobilised throughout this stage.


If you house is broken into for the vehicles keys and tag you can remotely immobilise your vehicle from starting from the Smartphone app. Meaning you can stop your vehicle from starting no matter if a thief has the keys and tag. You can also add a geo fence to put a virtual garage around the area your vehicle is parked. Meaning even if someone had the Meta tag and original vehicles keys the system will alert you that the vehicle has been moved.


Meta Trak S5 Deadlock combines advanced immobilisation with Meta Trak’s new generation tracking technology, 24/7 control room monitoring and an easy-to-use app. It has been assessed by Thatcham and meets their strictest approval criteria, which means that it’s trusted by your insurance company to offer the very best security.


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